Angels & Demons English Pdf Download By Dan Brown

Angles & Demons in written by American novelist Dan Brown. It is a mystery and thrill novel that was first published in 2000 in United Kingdom. The publishers of this book are Corgi Books and Pocket Books. It got much fame just after the publication and became the best-selling novel of year 2000. The story of this novel was followed by “The da Vinci Code” and it was preceded by Digital Fortress. The film adaptation based on the novel’s story was first released on 15th May 2009 by Hollywood by using the same name. The original language of this novel is English and it includes 616 pages.

Angels and Demons give many surprises to their readers. This novel also contains little religious contents that may be offensive or violent for many people. This story also tells us about the historical facts, and this thing make it unique mystery. On the other hand, many people criticize the writer that many actual facts of real things are not mentioned at all.

The story of this novel starts with Robert Langdon. This story is much similar with “Da Vinci Code”. But both of these stories set differently and their focus and threats are also different. But we can say that the novel “Angles and Demons” have more thrill and suspense than “Da Vinci Code”.

According to Dan Brown, their relationship has been full of mystery, snarled and intimate, due to these characteristics, it becomes impossible to know the full details of their links. This story is very interesting and it may difficult for the readers to stop learning the story without finishing it. It includes lot of un-expected twist that increase the curiosity of reader to know about details.

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