मसाला चाय : Masala Chai PDF Free Download Hindi by Divya Prakash Dubey

Masala Chai is another assortment of part sensitive, part profound, and utterly enchanting stories which are beginning to become the hallmark of their enormously observant and industrious writer. Every story has its roots in the mundane. But it’s the simple rendering of the profound and profound rendering of the simple which lends all these tales a unique flavor. Each story will suck you in with the simplicity of the plot, depiction of wide and at times, disparate range of emotions, and undoubtedly, the brilliance of the narrative. As far as story-telling goes, Masala Chai is piping hot and of course-addictive.

In this second venture, the characters come even more alive. By the time you start to read about them, you have visualized each and every person you know. Each story comes with a flavor of its own, which is unique to it. Every story gives a feel of the relationship you have been in, at some point in time. If it wasn’t for these moments life wouldn’t be complete and if it wasn’t for this book, you will never go back to revisit these memories. These stories will make you laugh, with their innocence, leave your eyes moist with dark emotions. Every human has a list within them, lists of things they did, they never did, or still dream of doing. These short stories are all about that. In short, if you want to know why this book should be part of your collection? Because no matter what these stories bring out from within you, they will make you react to each situation in them as if it’s your own.

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